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Dec 1, 2013 10:00pm EST
? >> john kennedy had the katy one '09 experience. >> but i take his life to take koldewey remember watching bobby and i was on the trail and the fall of the politicians know one changed as much as he did in my judgment. in the end he could still we the tough guy with all of those out to orange county as the shot across the bout but my guess is he probably would have at that point. >> to say this 1,000 times is i believe in the ufo theory. the unforeseen will occur. [laughter] >> there is a live spirit of shakespeare. >> that would have been fascinating. >> i am trying a new technique of pierre it is acre bird. [laughter] i have the book, and i had. then i went through the book and i wrote down the faces that were of interest to me to type of the page that i could call up the things i want to talk to. it is fine as long as a drinker has the right temperature. [laughter] >> what we have talked about to keep your mind sharp which kennedy we talk about with the new frontier of great society and camelot the golden age of the timber credit party have the liberalism of. to look back of undisguised
Dec 7, 2013 9:00am EST
few npr shows. i can't complain about that. and especially i was on toed show with katie couric, and she was very nice. with the boy book, the war against boys, i had one hostile interview on health care snbc. -- msnbc. they didn't like the idea that boys were this trouble. they were still back in, i don't know, the 1950s thinking that women were an oppressed class, we sparred about that. but i've been on a number of shows, and the hosts are sympathetic to the point of almost going beyond me, they're panicked about what's happening with boys. >> host: christina hoff sommers, vicki jo e-mails in: what do you think of rush lick ball's term -- rush limbaugh's term, ", femi nazis? >> guest: i don't like it. it should be left to cover the specific evil that it encompasses, so it should just be with there. there are other ways. he's part entertainer, so he's doing, you know, overstating and so forth. that's part of the humor. but it's not a word i use. >> host: jim, gadsden, alabama. good afternoon to you, you're on with author christina hoff sommers. >> caller: oh, she's wonderful. i'll t
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)